Raise your hand in the air and wave it like you just don’t care if you’ve heard any of these ridiculous statements or questions. “It will happen when you least expect it.” “What you’re looking for is looking for you.” “Are you too picky?” “There has to be something wrong with you. How can a pretty girl, such as yourself, be single?” “Your standards are too high, you need to be more realistic.” “He doesn’t have to be all the way together. If you put what you have and add it to what he has, then you two can work it out.” “Looks aren’t everything. You can clean him up and mold him into the man you want him to be.” “Some men just need a push. Since you’re strong and focused, you can help him reach his goals.” “The men that are faithful and caring are typically unattractive and boring.” “There are some things that you will have to settle for. No one comes with the full package. The vast majority of single men are not going to be as successful or more successful than you are.” “What do you mean no sex before marriage?” And the list goes on and on and on and on. I believe now you understand why I wanted every reader to know that they are not in this by themselves and to break the chains off of their lives in Jesus Name because combatting the unsolicited advice of the people around us on a regular basis causes us to cling to the One who really knows us!

Now, let’s get one thing straight. Most of us are single by choice, not by demand. We are approached, however, after many failed attempts and a true appreciation for ourselves; we choose to turn the other way. Watching others hold on to just a piece of a man deters us from the momentary satisfaction that most women experience. We develop a hope of gaining something real, honest, and deep. I want to be able to sing these words with feeling when I meet my husband, “I don’t know what it is that you’ve done to me. But it’s caused me to act in such a crazy way. Whatever it is that you do when you do what you’re doing. It’s a feeling that I don’t understand.” All together now, “Cause my heart starts beating triple time with thoughts of loving you on my mind. I can’t figure out just what to do when the cause and cure is you.” Shout out to SWV! That’s why we wait! We want that connection and chemistry where purpose does a high-five with destiny and says, “I’ve been waiting for you all of my life.” Our understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus gives us the awareness that there’s more to life than just existing and settling for whomever shows an interest in us. The “special time” that we spend with God helps us identify with who we are and what we enjoy. It gives us room to grow and mature while identifying our areas of “needs improvement.” Ultimately, we want to be our best selves with a partner who’s functioning at 100% as well. Is it difficult at times?Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! There’s something I know to be true about God. When we act according to His instructions, He will supersede our expectations every time – exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think.

How do we get there? This was the first step for me and I’m going to share it with you.

Look in the mirror and ask the LORD to allow you to see yourself as He sees you. Just like in the picture above, He’ll reveal your beauty, blemish free. His LOVE will cover your shame. His blood will cleanse you of your pain. His protection will silence every accuser. And as the tears trickle down your face, you’ll know that you are worthy to give and receive love. As you spend more and more time with LOVE, LOVE will uncover the mystery of your beauty. LOVE will scrub you of your past. LOVE will rid you of that nasty temper.  LOVE will break that personally constructed shell you hide behind, and before you know it, an undeniable light will shine on you everywhere you go. People will think you look more youthful. They’ll ask, “Did you change anything?” What they don’t realize is what they really see is LOVE. Don’t resist your “special time” with LOVE. He’s only preparing you to experience Him through the life of the whole person that He has for you. I am confident in this. I know God loves His baby girls. Stay tuned for the continuation of this subject for next week’s post and smile – it’s all working together for your good…Jesus is LOVE.

Photography:  Kauwuane Burton Studios

Make-up:  Danny Howard