DeNesha RaChelle is a best-selling author and gifted communicator.  She’s also a TV Host, Executive Producer, and Director of her talk show, The DeNesha RaChelle Show, as seen on ROKU via her network, The DeNesha RaChelle Network.

A veteran of the United States Army National Guard her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as, a MBA from Belhaven University.

With over 11 years of corporate experience, DeNesha exceeded goals in multiple markets while maximizing portfolios consisting of multi-billion-dollar product lines in the healthcare industry.

DeNesha is a gifted leader, a change agent, and a person who believes in leadership integrity and the need to create an atmosphere built on trust, understanding, creativity, and development.

The defining moment for DeNesha which led to the development of her brand, “Designed to Rule” and the launching of her company, “Fashioned4Dominion, LLC” was her sincere prayer request to be laid off from her job. She knew it was time for her to become who she was created to be, so she embraced her value, gifts, and uniqueness to live a life of purpose. In less than a year, the opportunities expanded and now, DeNesha, has stepped into ownership as a declaration to those that are watching her that we decide when enough is enough.

In her article featured in Voyage Dallas magazine, she states, “We’re exemplifying it not through marches and boisterous activities. We’re just simply and graciously maximizing our gifts, increasing our value, and ruling in our areas of influence as owners and not employees.” Her brand, “Designed to Rule” embodies her company’s vision which is, “To help people discover their gifts, maximize their potential, and serve their unique specialization to the world.” Her company, Fashioned4Dominion, LLC has one mission. That mission is to stop the disease of settling for less from spreading.

Today, DeNesha is expanding her gift of communication into the areas of entertainment and television. She is a person of strong faith, tenacity, and drive; all of which are fueled by her love to see others live up to their potential. One of her favorite quotes comes from Dr. Myles Munroe. He stated, “The question you need to ask before making a decision is… Do I want to be remembered for this?” We will no longer waste any more time being routine when we were Designed to Rule.


To help people discover their gifts, maximize their potential, and serve their unique specialization to the world.

DeNesha is available to speak on a variety of topics as listed in her downloadable bio, but would prefer to talk with you to craft a message that’s specific to your audience.

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