DeNesha RaChelle is a best-selling author and gifted communicator.  She’s also a TV Host, Executive Producer, and Director of her talk show, The DeNesha RaChelle Show, as seen on ROKU via her network, The DeNesha RaChelle Network.

In addition, she’s a veteran of the United States Army National Guard.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as, an MBA from Belhaven University.

Like most of the cool people who were born in 1980, DeNesha was raised up on some of the best television shows, enjoyed the hottest 90’s music, and went to church every time the doors opened. She came up during a time where faith was valued, education was a necessity, and family-friendly shows like, “A Different World,” shaped the motivation of young people to want more out of life.

DeNesha’s entire focus is to actively pursue her purpose and to help others fulfill their own. It’s only right for her to share her experiences since she had such a journey in unraveling who she is today. For her generation, getting a “good job” was the definition of success. The only options were to go to college or the military, get a job, and retire. It all sounded great for a girl from a small town in Arkansas, called Monticello, until God began to reveal who He created her to be. While most would be content with a career and a salary, DeNesha dreamed of waking up everyday living a life of purpose! Little did she know; this purpose was so huge that it would touch the lives of millions. It would require her to speak… to be vulnerable… to write… to share… and to boldly partner with God and allow Him to use her uniqueness, beauty, southern charm, and ability to touch people from all walks of life for His Glory. Her intense passion for loving people, directing them to purpose, healing their pain, and setting them free to be fruitful led her to forming her own organization, Fashioned4Dominion, LLC. Her slogan, “Designed To Rule,” is a constant reminder to all of those she was chosen to touch that we were formed with a purpose. In whatever our area of gifting is, we will experience dominion by exemplifying God’s Love.

Today, DeNesha is expanding her gift of communication into the areas of entertainment and television. She is a person of strong faith, tenacity, and drive; all of which are fueled by her love to see others live up to their potential. One of her favorite quotes comes from Dr. Myles Munroe. He stated, “The question you need to ask before making a decision is… Do I want to be remembered for this?”

When she’s not producing episodes, writing, or hosting her show, DeNesha enjoys traveling, spending time with those that are close to her, listening to sermons, and reading the works of wise people. Although she has a marketplace calling, she thoroughly enjoys the comfort of her own home, cooking a great meal, and having a glass of wine or champagne on occasion. Let’s not forget, this girl loves fashion, so shopping is always a treat! The young girl from Monticello, Arkansas with a worldwide vision grew up and said, “Yes” to God’s call, so people from all walks of life would know what true love looks like! That’s awesome!


To help people discover their gifts, maximize their potential, and serve their unique specialization to the world.

DeNesha is available to speak on a variety of topics as listed in her downloadable bio, but would prefer to talk with you to craft a message that’s specific to your audience.

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