Sooooo, you’re having a great day! You’ve even got theme music going off in your head, “Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh and clean.” Then, all of a sudden, here comes thisssss… person (I’m saved, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do – just saying) who asks the question, “Is that your real hair?” Some will even have the audacity to ask in the company of other people!

I don’t care if you’re from the backwoods of Alabama or working on Wall Street, there’s a universal code for every woman of color that everyone has to abide by – Don’t blatantly ask us questions about our hair. What’s worse is the fact that other African-American women will ask each other that ridiculous question, “Is that your real hair?” Really sis? You know better and you wanna check me like that?

Okay, so I get it. It’s not like you’re committing a crime or anything. But I’m going to tell you why we hate it. It’s not the question, it’s the intent behind the question. Instead of just saying, “Your hair looks nice,” people want to undermine the time, effort, and dollars it took to hide the stitch and glue artistry that took place prior to stepping on the scene. I’ll give a pass to those who are not a minority just this one time, however, after reading my post; you are completely informed that it’s not cool.

Now, to my future husband who may or may not be of African-American descent. If you’re reading this, Baby, here’s how you handle the situation. If I come home with my hair in a bob type hairstyle say, “Babe, your hair looks nice.” If my hair is flowing down my back say, “Babe, your hair looks nice.” If I’m rocking braids say, “Babe, your hair looks nice.” If it’s a wash day and I have a big afro say, “Babe, your hair looks nice.” See how easy that is.

Photography:  Kauwuane Burton Studios

Make-up:  Danny Howard