Holler at your girl if when you were young, you played the game, “That’s my car!” This competitive shouting match was one that required the skills of timing and impeccable taste in order to win. We shouted with confidence over the baddest vehicles passing by, claiming them without a title or a driver’s license, however; in our minds, that car – yep, that one right there, is mine. How could we have so much faith as children claiming extravagant vehicles as our own, but as adults we can’t dream beyond our current situation? When did we stop believing for huge blessings? Is it at 16, 21, 42 years of age? Is it situational or lifestyle driven? Did the pain of our past or mistakes cause us to accept less than the best? When did normal become acceptable? How can a child believe for great things without the knowledge, income, or capability of handling the machinery while adults walk around in a constant state of, “This is as good as it gets,” the devil is a LIAR!

We have to start dreaming again. I mean ridiculous dreams. The type of dreams where you have to keep them to yourselves for the fear of rejection or laughter from those that are blind to your vision. We also need an opportunity and a place where our seed can be planted, watered, and cultivated in order to grow. How can we start dreaming again? I’m glad you asked… create a vision board.

Vision boards have been talked about since the beginning of time. Write the vision and make it plain… because a clear vision is imperative in obtaining the promise. Cut out pictures of the car of your choice, the type of house you’d like to purchase, and the places you’d like to visit. Include affirmation statements that keep you going when the days get long, when the friends are few, and when the bills are due. Allow this vision board to be your point of reflection and a space where you clearly define what it is that you really want. Step by step, day by day; I believe you’ll get closer to your goals. You’ll even tweak them along the way. The main objective is to get you dreaming and believing again with a childlike faith. After all, our Father does own the entire universe. Why not trust Him to bless you abundantly? Ask God to align your will with His will. Ask Him to give you a glimpse into your future. And most importantly, ask Him for a strategy and direction in order to endure the journey and obtain His promises. Hopefully, your childlike confidence will resurrect itself and you’ll be screaming, “That’s my car,” “That’s my house,” “That’s my business,” “That’s my book,” “That’s my vacation home.” God is able. Have faith in Him for more. Not for meaningless collection of items, but as an avenue to be a blessing to others. This is why I love Him.

Photography:  Kauwuane Burton Studios

Make-Up:  Danny Howard